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As the driving force behind FH Wellness, we are deeply committed to transforming wellness at both individual and organizational levels. Our approach combines personal expertise with the insights of a handpicked team, ensuring every solution is tailored to drive performance and foster lasting well-being. With our extensive background in fitness and group exercise, coupled with a rich blend of consulting and legal expertise, we offer more than just wellness services—we craft bespoke experiences that empower fitness businesses and corporate clients to thrive.

Why WORK With US?

We believe that the core of a successful business is a strategy that truly connects with people. That’s our specialty. Drawing from our extensive experience in both fitness and corporate wellness, we tailor strategies to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s for a fitness business or a corporate wellness program, we ensure that every solution is not just effective but also deeply resonates with those it’s designed for.

For Fitness/Gym Businesses

Our expert team partners with you to build a successful fitness business, weaving strategies that align with your unique vision. We dive deep into the market, leveraging the latest fitness trends to make your venture stand out. We bring our extensive personal experience, supported by a seasoned team passionate about fitness and business success. Together, we’ll help you select the ideal location, develop a business model that echoes your vision, and implement marketing strategies that effectively convert. Our approach centers on creating a family-like team environment, crafting memorable customer experiences, and choosing equipment that meets both your vision and budget. We’re committed to transforming your fitness business into a cherished community hub, constantly adapting and growing with the fitness industry’s evolution.

Ready to turn your fitness business into a community landmark?

Let’s embark on this exciting journey, committed to your success every step of the way.

For Corporate Wellness

At FH Wellness, we extend holistic wellness beyond the gym and into your corporate environment. With a focus on both physical and mental well-being, we design tailored wellness strategies and programs for businesses. This includes planning and executing a variety of initiatives, from workshops and workouts to fitness competitions, either on-site or at a location of your choice.
We also offer a range of our services online, enhancing team connectivity and motivation through our wellness application. This platform is ideal for uniting teams across different locations, fostering a sense of healthy competition and community within your company. Our aim is to empower your team for a balanced and thriving workplace, elevating your business with wellness strategies that are adaptable, effective, and inspiring.

Tailored Fitness and Wellness Strategies

As wellness experts, we’ve dedicated over a decade to the fitness and wellness industry. Our extensive experience in delivering and managing group exercise wellness, coupled with our deep understanding of the business and corporate worlds, uniquely positions us to serve the needs of fitness businesses and corporate wellness programs.
Leveraging a vast network of coaches and instructors in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Qatar, we offer tailored solutions that precisely address the unique requirements of our clients. We excel at finding the right balance between generating revenue and providing the ultimate experience for people. This approach ensures that whether it’s for enhancing employee well-being or fostering fitness business growth, the strategies are not only innovative and performance-driven but also profitable and experience-focused.

Choose us to unlock the potential of your business or organization with strategies that are as effective as they are enlightening

Meet Fadi Hassoun

Wellness Influencer and Fitness Expert

Fadi Hassoun stands as a beacon in the fitness industry, a celebrated Wellness Influencer and seasoned Fitness Expert with a track record of elevating corporate health strategies and fitness business growth. With a legacy spanning over a decade, his name is synonymous with transformative well-being programs and cutting-edge fitness management. Fadi’s strategic insight, stemming from extensive experience, provides companies and individuals with the tools to thrive — blending innovative wellness solutions with peak performance techniques that cater to the evolving demands of health and fitness enthusiasts.

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